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3 Teeth Whitening Options to Improve Your Smile


Teeth Whitening

Most people would love to have a naturally white smile, but it is not easy when so many substances can stain your teeth. Fortunately, there are several effective teeth whitening options available to treat the discoloration of teeth.

What can cause teeth discoloration?

Our teeth become yellow as we age mainly because of the foodstuffs we eat and drink. Colored drinks like soft drinks, sports drinks, tea, coffee, and red wine are common culprits. A good way to tell if something is bad for your teeth is to consider the t-shirt test. If a substance can stain a white t-shirt, then it is also likely to stain your teeth. While this is good to know, what can we do when the damage is already done?

In-office bleaching

In-office bleaching is when your dentist paints a bleaching agent (usually a carbamide peroxide gel) onto the surface of your teeth to reduce yellow discoloration. The procedure happens at the dental office and generally takes less than an hour. Carbamide peroxide is not as effective as some other methods, but it does make a difference on light or moderate yellow stains. It is ineffective on heavily stained teeth.

Opalescence Boost™ is a well-liked bleaching gel brand. It contains 38% hydrogen peroxide gel and a patented ingredient called PF, which reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity and cavities.

In-office power bleaching

Power bleaching also uses a bleaching agent to whiten teeth, but this time your dentist will use the light energy from an LED, plasma or halogen light to accelerate the process.

The Philips™ Zoom! Whitening system is a popular brand of power bleaching. The Zoom! The whitening process takes about one hour to whiten teeth by at least eight shades in a single sitting. The system uses a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel as well as the patented Zoom! Advance Power chair-side lamp.

Deep bleaching

Deep bleaching whitens teeth in multiple phases. The process starts with a visit to your dentist where you will make an impression of your teeth. The impression becomes the mold used to make customized vinyl trays to fit your bite. Your dentist will give you enough home-bleaching gel to fill your trays every night for 14 consecutive nights. You will sleep with the trays in your mouth (almost like a retainer) every night for two weeks, and the gel will brighten your teeth while you sleep.

This method works well if you follow the instructions correctly and if you are willing to use a maintenance treatment one night every second or third month.

How to choose the right teeth whitening specialist?

Many dental practices offer all three teeth whitening services in Michigan. Make sure the dentist you choose is accredited to perform the in-office whitening services they advertise.


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